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Applied Thermal Part Handling (November 2016)

Applied Thermal Technologies: Part Handling

At Applied Thermal Technologies we treat every step in an order as if the part is in the finished state. Each order is hand racked or loaded as to ensure the risk of damage is kept to a minimum. Whether the part is a .001 inch diameter ball or a much larger component part, we use the utmost care, exceeding the customers expectations. One of our greatest compliments is that many of our customers mention how the parts do not even look like they've been heat-treated because of how bright and shiny they are.

ATT Newsletter (May 2016)

New Shipping & Receiving Location

Our shipping and receiving departments are moving to a new location within the building. As of MONDAY 5/16 all shipping/receiving will move as shown in the picture below.

Applied Thermal Golf Outing

The shipping and receiving departments are located just inside the doors adjacent to our loading dock. Please pass this information along to anyone who may be making deliveries or picking up from us.