AS 7102 - NADCAP™ Requirements for Heat Treating

NADCAP™ Requirements for Heat Treating

This Aerospace Standard (AS) establishes the requirements for heat treating accreditation by the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP™). These requirements may be supplemented by additional requirements specified by the NADCAP™ heat treating task group. Using the audit checklist (AC7102) will ensure that accredited heat treat suppliers meet all of the requirements in this standard and all applicable supplementary standards. All instructions, procedures, tests and inspection records, etc., referenced herein shall be in writing; distribution of instructions and procedures (including all revisions) shall be recorded and controlled. The NADCAP™ heat treating task group recognizes SAE AS7004, SAE AS7106, and SAE AS7107 as equivalent to the system's questions of this document as noted in the NADCAP™ auditor handbook. For more information on AS 7102 Nadcap™ Requirements for Heat Treating, please contact us today!