Vacuum Heat Treatment

Vacuum Heat Treating Services

At Applied Thermal Technologies, we specialize in bright vacuum heat treating services for a wide variety of industries and applications. We have been entrusted by a customer base that ranges from large medical and aerospace OEMs to small machine shops. Along the way, we’ve handled high-purity electronic materials, jet components, and titanium medical implants used for hip and knee replacements.

Our customers' materials are shipped to us from across the country, and even overseas because no one can do it as bright and shiny as we can. Why is that? We’re glad you asked.

The vacuum heat treatment process may be formulaic, but Applied Thermal Technologies is doing far more than following a recipe step by step. We have the equipment, expertise, and in-depth knowledge to move beyond a cookie-cutter approach and help you define your optimal process.

What is Vacuum Heat Treatment?

Using state-of-the-art vacuum furnaces we ensure that air is removed from the heating chamber to prevent the harmful effects of oxygen and to protect the surface of your metals. Our pyrometry activities are second to none and our high-tech mass spectrometer is capable of finding leaks others can’t. The result? We create vacuum levels that are far superior to the industry-specified standard. 

From there, we heat your product to the required temperature and take it through a rapid cooling process using high-purity argon gas. We stabilize your materials and optimize the corrosion resistance in order to achieve the metallurgical properties you desire.

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Heat Treating of Vacuum Bars

We treat every order like the part is in the finished state. Each order is hand-racked or loaded to ensure the risk of damage is kept to a minimum. Whether the part is a .001-inch diameter ball or a much larger component part, we use the utmost care, exceeding our customers' expectations. One of our greatest compliments is that our customers mention how the parts do not even look like they've been heat-treated because of their bright and shiny appearance.

Handling Metal Parts for Heat Treatment

Vacuum Heat Treating Services Offered

We offer the following types of vacuum heat treatment:

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With our core values of process transparency and customer service, you’ll discover why others have turned to us from far and wide. You’ll have full visibility of our process with many of our customers even receiving an automated WIP email. We log all thermal data on all furnaces every minute of every day and can provide you with a graphical heat treat chart or chart detail in Excel for every run we perform.

We partner with you in order to understand and meet your unique needs. The result is unmatched service and exceptional value. Request a free quote today.

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