Validated Heat Treating Validation

We do what it takes to meet your unique industry needs and sometimes that puts us at the forefront of ours. Case in point? Our desire to meet the quality requirements of a spinal implant manufacturer drove us to become one of the very first heat treaters to pursue statistical process validation, and we’re happy to validate specific parts or processes based on your requests.

Applied Thermal Technologies utilizes validated and calibrated equipment including vacuum furnaces and air ovens. Heat treatment occurs in furnaces with full Installation Qualifications (IQs) utilizing Software Validation (SV) and our hardness testing is performed on calibrated testers to ensure repeatable, accurate results every time.

Leak rates, pyrometry, and calibrations are controlled to well-known industry standards and our meticulous validation engineers utilize state-of-the-art data acquisition and cycle recording to gather and analyze the crucial information that matters to you. 

Installation Qualification (IQ)

Equipment Installation Qualifications (EIQs) have been performed to ensure proper equipment functionality and safety.

Software Validation (SV)

Individually validated software is used for each furnace controller and for the corresponding data recording, and this valuable process data has multiple layers of backup to protect it from any potential loss.

Operational Qualification (OQ)

Once IQs and SVs have been completed, OQs test the extremes of a particular specification in order to achieve accuracy, consistency, and repeatability.

Performance Qualification (PQ)

Process capabilities have been validated for the full range of heat treat processes from H900 to H1150 to meet the most stringent OEM heat treat validation protocols for 17-4 SS PH, 455 SS and 465 SS materials.

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