Titanium Water Quenching Services

If light weight and high strength are what you need, look no further. The number of heat treating companies that offer water quench hardening, necessary to enhance the properties of most Titanium alloys, such as Ti6Al-4V, are few and far between. At Applied Thermal Technologies we specialize in titanium water quenching services and have been serving the aerospace and medical industries for over 30 years.

What is Water Quenching?

Quenching is a process used by metal heat treating companies after the metal has been treated at a high temperature. During the water quenching process, water rapidly cools the heated metal, freezing molecules into a predetermined microstructure. Using water ensures maximum hardness, producing high tensile and yield strengths. When used for quenching, water removes heat much faster than other mediums, such as polymers or oils.

The solution treat and age (STA) process used at Applied Thermal Technoligies complies with AMS H-81200, MIL-H-81200, and AMS 2801.


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Water Quenching Process | Applied Thermal Technologies

Video demo of titanium heat treatment ending with water quench.