Applied Thermal Technologies, Inc. Opens

Due to the ever-expanding orthopedic market, Applied Thermal Technologies was opened to help service the OEMs and contract manufacturers. It started with one employee, owner/operator Micky Bradican, and two other owners: Bob Gunow Jr. and Charles Zichichi. Starting with just 1 vacuum furnace (still in operation today), Applied Thermal began to serve the industry with great customer service, quality, and turn-around time.


Jay Slone starts at Applied Thermal

Starting as a driver, Jay Slone continued his career to current role of sales manager, brazing manger, and an integral part of the management team.


First Building Expansion Due to Continuous Growth

This expansion due to increased growth currently holds 3 vacuum furnaces, 2 air tempers, cryogenic freezer, production floor space, and office space.


Applied Thermal becomes a member of Metal Treating Institute (MTI)

Applied Thermal Technologies becomes a member of the heat treat trade association Metal Treating Institute, MTI. Applied Thermal Technologies is proud to be a member of MTI for its help in knowing the industry, gaining valuable knowledge of the market, and making friends within the industry.


Second Building Expansion Due to Continuous Growth

This expansion currently holds 1 vacuum furnace, 1 six-foot air oven, Aerospace and Medical Brazing department, NADCAP accredited metallurgical lab, and additional office space.


Applied Thermal Obtains NADCAP Accreditation for Heat Treatment

NADCAP accreditation is an audit that is rigorous and demands the highest standards in critical process control and validation. This accreditation shows irrefutable evidence that Applied Thermal is operating at the highest level of both quality and safety.


Applied Thermal Technologies hires Doug Johnson

An electrical engineer by trade, Doug was brought on for his expertise in not only electrical but his many years working on vacuum heat treating furnaces. Doug is an integral part of the Applied Thermal Technologies management team.


Third Building Expansion Due to Continuous Growth

This expansion currently includes, 4 vacuum furnaces, 1 water quench unit, production floor, and office space.


One of the founding owners, Charles Zichichi passes away.

Oct 2012

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May 2013

Applied Thermal Technologies


Personnel news

Zach Hight is promoted to Production Manager. Matt Wilhite becomes validation engineer and eventually plant metallurgist and head of NADCAP accredited metallurgical lab. Rebecca (Becky) Aspinwall is promoted to Quality Manager. Stevan Bradican comes back to family business as plant manager.

Fourth Building Expansion Due to Continuous Growth

This expansion connected the two buildings, 1 vacuum furnace, 1 12-foot air aging unit, larger break room, production floor space, and maintenance area. This expansion not only created more floor space for machinery, but also allowed Applied Thermal Technologies to obtain better flow of product and lean manufacturing of movement.


12 foot furnace installed

New 12-foot air furnace up to 10,000 pounds at 1450F is installed. This furnace is great for aging of stainless steel and nickel along with stress relieving of 420 and titanium. Straightness is not an issue. Customers can still feed their Swiss machines without worrying about bearings going out.


Applied Thermal receives Nadcap accreditation for metallographic testing.

Applied Thermal Technologies gains NADCAP accreditation for metallographic testing: micro-indentation (micro hardness), surface contamination for decarburization, carburization, IGO/IGA (Intergranular oxidation and Intergranular Attack), and alpha case. This accreditation is striving in continuous improvement and decrease lead time for customer product.

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