2015 Holiday Schedule (November 2015)

Training Completed

Jay Slone and Doug Johnson have completed YES Training through MTI for Heat Treaters. MTI delivers top experts and content to maximize the people resources in every member company.

The Y.E.S. Management Training Program is a 10 month program where MTI Member owners, executives and managers of "all" ages meet for four 1 & ½ day sessions. Sessions 1, 2 and 4 provide intensive and engaging training by The Corps Group in the areas of team building, systems management, leadership and dealing with change in your business.

Applied Thermal Training

Building Expansion News

Our new Vacuum Heat Treat furnace is expected to arrive next month. This new furnace will allow for material advancements and specification modifications that require strict adherence to process controls to include Heating/Cooling Rates, Process Vacuum Levels, Temperature Uniformity and Mistake-Proof Processing.

2015 Holiday Schedule

26th of November closed for Thanksgiving.
27th of November we will re-open at 6:00am.
24th of December will be closed.
25th of December will be closed for Christmas.
Saturday, 26th of December we will re-open at 6:00am.
31st of December This date is undecided. Please plan on us being closed.
1st of January will be closed for the new year holiday.
Saturday, 2nd of January we will re-open at 6:00am and be back to the regular working schedule. We would like ot wish everyone a wonderful Holiday.

Holiday Birthdays

Zach Hight (Nov 4th)
Dean Houser (Nov 12th)
Jonathan Toole (Dec 30th)

Holiday Anniversaries

Thomas Southall (1999)
Becky Aspinwall (2014)
Doug Yarian (2004)

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