Nickel & Cobalt Alloys for Heat Treating

Cobalt-based super-alloys are the largest based product and user of cobalt. Turbine blades for gas turbines and jet aircraft engines are a large consumer of cobalt-based alloys. Cobalt-based alloys also have high corrosion and wear resistance. Such special alloys are used for orthopedic parts such as hip and knee replacements.

Nickel Alloys
Available Processes - Solution Anneal and/or Age, Stress Relieve
Hastelloy B-2® Hastelloy B-3® Hastelloy C-2000® Hastelloy C-22® Hastelloy C-276® Hastelloy G-30® Hastelloy G-35® Hastelloy N® Hastelloy S® Hastelloy W® Hastelloy X® Haynes 214® Haynes 242® Haynes 263® Haynes 282® IN-738® IN-792® IN-939® Incoloy 800® Incoloy 800HT® Incoloy 825® Incoloy 901® Incoloy 909® Inconel 600® Inconel 601® Inconel 617® Inconel 625® Inconel 706® Inconel 718® Inconel 722® Inconel X-750 (X750)® Mar-M 200 DS® Mar-M 246® Mar-M 247® Monel K-500® Monel® MP159® MP-35N® Multimet (N-155)® Nimonic 263® Nimonic 75® Nimonic 80A® Nimonic 90® Ni-Span-C 902® Rene' 41® Rene' 80® Udimet 500® Udimet 700®
Cobalt, Iron-Based Alloys
Available Processes - Solution Anneal and/or Age, Stress Relieve
Relieve Waspaloy® D 979 Discaloy Elgiloy® FSX-414 Haynes 188® Haynes 230® Haynes 25® Haynes 556® Incoloy 903® L-605® Stellite 6®


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Nickel & Cobalt Alloys for Heat Treating | Applied Thermal Technologies


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