Vacuum Furnace Brazing Services

Vacuum Furnace Brazing Services

Want to combine the best qualities of one metal with another? Not a problem. Through the process of vacuum furnace brazing or vacuum diffusion bonding, we can join the alloys used in your applications. It’s a low-distortion method that results in ultra-strong parts.

Both a clean assembly room and a high-purity brazing furnace with excellent temperature control are crucial to the process. We’ve got that covered. Also, the assembly and brazing of your materials are carried out by highly skilled operators with up-to-date knowledge sustained through continuous training.

Titanium Brazing | Stainless Steel Brazing | Aerospace Brazing | Copper Brazing | Ceramic Brazing | Precious Metal Brazing

Filler Metals

Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper, Palladium Alloys, or other alloys

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The lower temperature of brazing is less likely to distort the workpiece or induce thermal stresses. For example, when large iron castings crack, it is almost always impractical to repair them with welding. In order to weld cast-iron without recracking it from thermal stress, the workpiece must be hot-soaked to 1600 °F. When a large (more than fifty kilograms (100 lb)) casting cracks in an industrial setting, heat-soaking it for welding is almost always impractical. Often the casting only needs to be watertight or take mild mechanical stress. Brazing is the premium, preferred repair method in these cases. For thin workpieces (e.g., sheet metal or thin-walled pipe) brazing is less likely to result in burn-through.

Brazing can also be a cheap and effective technique for mass production. Components can be assembled with preformed plugs of filler material positioned at joints and then heated in a furnace or passed through heating stations on an assembly line. The heated filler then flows into the joints by capillary action.

Braze-welded joints generally have smooth attractive beads that do not require additional grinding or finishing. The most common filler materials are dull in color, but fillers that more closely match the color of the base materials can be used if appearance is important.

Titanium Brazing

Applied Thermal Technologies can perform difficult braze operations like those associated with Titanium brazing. Applied Thermal Technologies use vacuum furnaces with vacuum levels to limit the oxidation and contamination of the titanium surfaces from the temperature required to braze titanium. Contact an Applied Thermal Technologies team member today to discuss your titanium brazing needs.

13V-11Cr-3AlTitanium Vacuum Heat Treating
6Al-4V (Grade 5)
Ti-6Al-4V Eli
CP Ti Grade 1
CP Ti Grade 2
CP Ti Grade 3
CP Ti Grade 4
CP Ti Grade 5
CP Ti Grade 6
CP Ti Grade 7

Stainless Steel Brazing

Specializing in bright brazing of stainless steel and exotic alloys. It was created in 1992 to service the medical and specialty products industries in Northern Indiana and have since expanded nationally. Our personnel work with customers in determining their particular requirements and are available for technical assistance in metallurgy, vacuum heat treating, and stainless steel brazing. Our stainless steel brazing continues to drive our business to the next level.  Contact an Applied Thermal Technologies team member today to discuss your stainless steel brazing needs.

Brazable Stainless Steels

13-8 PH
14-8 PH
15-5 PH
15-7 PH
17-4 PH
17-7 PH
455 Custom
Custom 450
Custom 455
Maraging 250
Maraging 300

403 S.S.
410 S.S.
416 S.S.
420 S.S.
422 S.S.
440A S.S.
440B S.S.
440C S.S.
Greek Ascoloy

18-8 S.S.
201 S.S.
202 S.S.
301 S.S.
302 S.S.
304 S.S.
305 S.S.
308 S.S.
309 S.S.
309C S.S.
310 S.S.
314 S.S.
316 LVM
316 S.S.
318 S.S.
321 S.S.
347 S.S.
348 S.S.

Vacuum Heat Treating Services


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Aerospace Brazing

Aerospace brazing is done for super alloy components used in aerospace applications as they are typically joined together by vacuum furnace brazing or vacuum diffusion bonding with nickel and cobalt baseVacuum Heat Treating filler metals containing melting point depressants such as boron and silicon. Aerospace brazing is carried out in high vacuum furnaces by holding the parts for a long period to diffuse away boron and silicon. During the aerospace brazing process our vacuum furnaces can reach temperatures to 2800°F and have vacuum levels to 10-6 Torr, all-metal hot zones, and extremely rapid cooling. Applied Thermal Technologies Inc. personnel work closely with each customer in determining their particular requirements and are available for technical assistance for your aerospace brazing, metallurgy, and heat treating questions.

Copper Brazing

Applied Thermal Technologies can help in the Annealing of Copper and Copper Alloys. We have the atmosphere or vacuum furnaces available to meet desired surface conditions. Please contact an Applied Thermal Technologies team member today to discuss your copper heat treating needs, or ask about our vacuum furnace brazing services and vacuum diffusion bonding services.

Pure Copper
Beryllium Copper

Copper Vacuum Furnace Brazing (AMS2670, AMS2671)
    Beryllium Copper

Ceramic Brazing

Vacuum Brazing (brazing in vacuum atmosphere) is commonly used for ceramic materials due to the fact it can readily form oxide layers in air or partial pressure. Titanium-based, active metal brazing (ABA) is used in the vacuum furnace brazing of ceramics and is well suited for bonding metal and non-metal materials without the added time and expense of metalizing or thin-film sputtering. Please contact an Applied Thermal Technologies team member today to discuss your ceramic brazing needs.

Alumina (Al2O3)Vacuum Heat Treating and Carbide Brazing
Silicon Carbide (SiC)
Boron Carbide (B4C)
Titanium Carbide (TiC)
Tungsten Carbide (WC)
Titanium Nitride (TiN)
Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)
Zirconia (ZrO2)


Precious Metal Brazing

Applied Thermal Technologies is a leading provider of brazing services using various precious metal alloys.  Using state-of-the-art precision-controlled vacuum heat treating furnaces to meet atmosphere and temperature processing conditions. Please contact an Applied Thermal Technologies team member today to discuss your vacuum furnace brazing needs.

Precious Metals Filler Alloys
AMS4765, BAg-13, BAg-13A, AWS A5.8Vacuum Heat Treating Precious Metals
AMS4786, BAu-6
Gold/Nickel, AMS4787, BAu-4
35% / 65%
Cusil®, Braze 720®, Braze 721®

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