PO Requirements

P.O. Requirements PDF

To provide the best service possible we are asking for assistance in the relay of information critical to providing the required heat treatment of all products. On the following page we have put together a guideline of the necessary information. Applied Thermal Technologies has a system in place that checks every part number against the previous order processed. It reviews part number, revision, sequence, material, and process. If any of the previous information changes then a review must be done.

Most prints list only one material but now we are seeing the option for two and sometimes 3 different materials. When a different material is used the heat treat will change. We ask that you keep that in mind when reviewing prints.

In processing of any order Contract Review is required. When sending an order if the revision has changed then a Contract Change is performed. This review and change can take up to two days to review and implement. Please allow for this on new or updated orders.

Many companies are very particular on the way and means of processing orders. Commonly the prime can have things in place with a heat treater that may not be relayed to the customer. This is where the flow down of information is critical.

We have also listed an inquiry into the issue of bulk order quantities. Some parts may require that a physical count be done by our incoming inspection. As you well know the time to have employee’s perform physical counts can add up. We are asking a mutual agreement be reached on dealing with the counting issue. Please review and offer your opinion or agreement.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know. This is beneficial to both companies.