Precipitation (Age) Hardening Heat Treatment

Precipitation hardening (age hardening) is a heat treatment of nickel, titanium, and some stainless steels.  Unlike ordinary tempering, alloys must be kept at an elevated temperature for hour(s) to allow precipitation to take place. This time delay technique used to increase the yield strength is called ageing. Note that two different heat treatments involving precipitates can alter the strength of material: Solution heat treating and Precipitation heat treating. Solution heat treatment involves transformation to allow for further processing and ageing. 

Precipitation Hardening, Age Hardening Stainless Steels-

Available Processes -Solution Anneal, H-900, H-925, H-950, H-1000, H-1050, H-1100, H-1150, H-1150M, H-1150D, Age, CH-900, TH-950, TH-1050, RH-950, RH-1050, Stress Relieve 13-8 PH 14-8 PH 15-5 PH 15-7 PH 17-4 PH 17-7 PH 455 Custom A286 AM-350 AM-355 Custom 450 Custom 455 Maraging 250 Maraging 300

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