Martensitic Stainless Steel

Martensite is formed by rapid cooling (quenching) of austenite which traps carbon atoms that do not have time to diffuse out of the crystal structure. This martensitic reaction begins during cooling when the austenite reaches the martensite start temperature (Ms) and the parent austenite becomes mechanically unstable. At a constant temperature below Ms, a fraction of the parent austenite transforms rapidly, then no further transformation will occur. When the temperature is decreased, more of the austenite transforms to martensite. Finally, when the martensite finish temperature (Mf) is reached, the transformation is complete. Contact an Applied Thermal Technologies team member today to discuss your heat treating needs.

Available Processes - Anneal, Harden, Deep Freeze, Temper, Stress Relieve

  • 431S.S
  • X15TN
  • 403 S.S
  • 410 S.S
  • 416 S.S
  • 420 S.S
  • 422 S.S
  • 440A S.S
  • 440B S.S
  • 440C S.S
  • Greek Ascoloy Trimrite


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