About Us

Alloy Metal Heat Treating Company

Starting with one man and the desire to bring quality vacuum heat treating to the Midwest, Applied Thermal Technologies was started in 1992 to partner with local medical and aerospace companies with Vacuum Heat Treating and Furnace Brazing needs. Starting with 5,000 square ft. and one vacuum furnace we have since grown to 10 vacuum furnaces and over 31,000 square ft.

Applied Thermal Technologies Inc. is a metal processing company specializing in bright vacuum heat treating and brazing of stainless steel and exotic alloys. Founded in 1992 to service the medical and specialty products industries in Northern Indiana and has grown to over 30,000ft² with international sales. Our specialty furnaces feature temperatures to 2800°F, levels to 10-6 Torr, all metal hot zones and extremely rapid cooling. Applied Thermal Technologies Inc. personnel work closely with each customer in determining their particular requirements and are available for technical assistance in metallurgy, heat treating, and brazing. Applied Thermal Technologies



10 vacuum furnaces ranging in size from 18"W x 34"D x 18"H, 600 LBS capacity to 36"W x 48"D x 36"H, 3000 LBS capacity.


8 tempering furnaces, LN2 Freezer, Calibration equipment to support the requirements of AMS2750 (Pyrometry).


Nadcap™ accreditation is required by many national and international manufacturers, and is a mark of prestige that represents superior performance and use of industry standards and leading technology. Nadcap™ accreditation is an important part of the heat treating industry.  We are also ITAR registered. We take pride in our accreditations and we know you will, too. Contact us today!