ATT Newsletter (November 2017)

Applied Thermal Technologies wishes to express our gratitude to our new and long-time customers.

To you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Applied Thermal Technologies Happy Thanksgiving

Applied Thermal Technologies & Continuous Improvement

Applied Thermal Technologies diligently works to improve our services and processes to provide you, our customers, a superior, quality product. With our ongoing efforts to improve, there has been incremental improvement over time in some areas. In other areas there is breakthrough improvement all at once. One continuous improvement we've implemented was eMaint.

eMaint is a computerized maintenance management software program (CMMS). We use it to help get a better grasp of our PMs, corrective maintenance issues, down time, inventory, and it better helps us stay on top of challenging machines. This helps keep machines running which then allows for better turnaround times.

In the photographs below, Jeremy S. is working on Temperature Uniformity Surveys and System Accuracy Tests with automated preventative maintenance to keep us up to date on AMS 2750. Trent K is working on preventative maintenance with electrical components of one of our larger vacuum furnaces.

Temperature Uniformity Surveys and System Accuracy Tests

preventative maintenance with electrical components

November Anniversaries

Thomas Southall (18 years)
Becky Aspinwall (3 years)

Thank you and Happy Anniversary!!

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