Ceramic Brazing California


Applied Thermal Technologies, Inc. is a metal processing company that provides ceramic brazing services to the state of California. Applied Thermal also provides bright annealing services, sintering services, and precipitation hardening services. Applied Thermal began in 1992 to service the medical and specialty products industries in Northern Indiana and has since expanded nationally, including the state of California.

Ceramic brazing is one of the best ways to join ceramics with other ceramics or with common metals. Ceramics are often very difficult to join and welding is almost never an option. Active metal ceramic brazing can be used to join difficult materials such as carbide, diamond, sapphire, alumina, zirconia, and silicon nitride. These materials may be joined to themselves or to common metals such as stainless steel and copper with ceramic brazing processes.

Applied Thermal Technologies, Inc. specializes in vacuum ceramic brazing using high quality furnaces. Ceramic brazing must be performed in a vacuum, 1 x 10-4 Torr minimum. Our vacuum furnaces can reach temperatures to 2800 degrees F and can have vacuum levels to 10-6 Torr, with all metal hot zones and extremely rapid cooling. Vacuum ceramic brazing is superior to welding because it creates clean, flux-free joints and provides high integrity and strength when joining. Temperature uniformity is maintained while heating the work piece, which greatly reduces residual stresses.

Ceramic brazing is commonly used in the aerospace and medical industries, as well as in military and automotive applications. Applied Thermal Technologies, Inc. provides brazing services to all of these industries in California and nationwide. Applied Thermal is also NADCAP accredited, a great reason for any business to choose Applied Thermal Technologies, Inc. for all of their heat treating needs. Contact us today for more information!