Vacuum Brazing California


Applied Thermal Technologies, Inc. is a NADCAP accredited national metal processing company that provides vacuum brazing services to California.Applied Thermal also provides bright annealing services, sintering services, and precipitation hardening services. Applied Thermal began in 1992 to service the medical and specialty products industries in Northern Indiana and has since expanded nationally.

Brazing is one of the many types of heat treating accredited by NADCAP. Applied Thermal provides vacuum furnace brazing. Vacuum furnace brazing is superior to welding because it creates clean, flux-free joints and provides high integrity and strength. Temperature uniformity is maintained while heating the work piece in a vacuum, which greatly reduces residual stresses. Vacuum furnace brazing uses slow heating and cooling cycles, which increases the safety of the metal and the effectiveness of the procedure.

Brazing is accomplished by placing a filler metal with a lower melting point than the base metals in between the pieces to be joined. The pieces are then heated to the melting point of the filler metal, which joins the base metals through capillary action. This allows small, delicate parts to be crafted with superior strength and even very complex parts to be joined with simplicity and ease. Vacuum furnace brazing also allows multiple parts to be brazed at the same time, increasing convenience and efficiency.

Vacuum brazing is used in many major industries, including the aerospace, medical, automotive, and consumer industries and also has many military applications. Applied Thermal Technologies, Inc. provides many services to all of these industries in California. NADCAP accreditation is a great reason for any business to choose Applied Thermal Technologies, Inc. for all of their brazing needs. Contact us today for more information!