Nickel Cobalt

Nickel & Cobalt Alloy for Heat Treating

Cobalt-based super-alloys are the largest based product and user of cobalt. Turbine blades for gas turbines and jet aircraft engines are a large consumer of cobalt-based alloys. Cobalt-based alloys also have a high corrosion and wear resistance. Such special alloys are used for orthopaedic parts such as hip and knee replacements. Contact an Applied Thermal Technologies team member today to discuss your heat treating needs.

Nickel Alloys
Available Processes - Solution Anneal and/or Age, Stress Relieve
Hastelloy B-2® Hastelloy B-3® Hastelloy C-2000® Hastelloy C-22® Hastelloy C-276® Hastelloy G-30® Hastelloy G-35® Hastelloy N® Hastelloy S® Hastelloy W® Hastelloy X® Haynes 214® Haynes 242® Haynes 263® Haynes 282® IN-738® IN-792® IN-939® Incoloy 800® Incoloy 800HT® Incoloy 825® Incoloy 901® Incoloy 909® Inconel 600® Inconel 601® Inconel 617® Inconel 625® Inconel 706® Inconel 718® Inconel 722® Inconel X-750 (X750)® Mar-M 200 DS® Mar-M 246® Mar-M 247® Monel K-500® Monel® MP159® MP-35N® Multimet (N-155)® Nimonic 263® Nimonic 75® Nimonic 80A® Nimonic 90® Ni-Span-C 902® Rene' 41® Rene' 80® Udimet 500® Udimet 700®
Cobalt, Iron Based Alloys
Available Processes - Solution Anneal and/or Age, Stress Relieve
Relieve Waspaloy® D 979 Discaloy Elgiloy® FSX-414 Haynes 188® Haynes 230® Haynes 25® Haynes 556® Incoloy 903® L-605® Stellite 6®