Bright Annealing Chicago


Applied Thermal Technologies, Inc. is a metal processing company providing bright annealing services to the greater Chicago area. Applied Thermal also provides vacuum heat treating services, stainless steel brazing and exotic alloy brazing. Applied Thermal began in 1992 to service the medical and specialty products industries in Northern Indiana and has since expanded nationally, including Chicago and other major cities.

Applied Thermal provides bright annealing services. Bright annealing is the process of cooling an object at a predetermined rate to achieve a specific effect.Often, bright annealing is used to make materials, especially glass and metals, less brittle or to soften materials for further shaping or working. The process can be used on many metals, including stainless steel, cobalt, chrome, high temperature alloys and titanium. Vacuum bright annealing produces extremely clean parts, eliminating many steps from the manufacturing process.

Bright annealing is commonly used in the aerospace and medical industries, as well as in military and automotive applications. Applied Thermal Technologies, Inc. provides many services to all of these industries in the greater Chicago area. Applied Thermal is also NADCAP Accredited, a great reason for any Chicago business to choose Applied Thermal Technologies, Inc. for all of their heat treating needs.

Applied Thermal Technologies, Inc. also provides brazing, sintering, and precipitation hardening services using vacuum furnaces. Our vacuum furnaces can reach temperatures to 2800 degrees F and can have vacuum levels to 10-6 Torr, with all metal hot zones and extremely rapid cooling. We use only the highest quality furnaces in our facilities. Contact Applied Thermal today for all of your Chicago area bright annealing and heat treating needs!