Our NadCap Certified processes

Applied Thermal Technologies can comply with the following industry standards and specifications:

AMS 2675, Nickel Alloy Brazing, AMS 2750, Pyrometry, AMS 2759, Heat Treatment of Steel Parts–General Requirements, AMS 2759/3, Heat Treatment–P.H. , C.R. , and Maraging Steel Parts, AMS 2759/4, Heat Treatment–Austenitic Corrosion Resistant Steel Parts, AMS 2759/5, Heat Treatment–Martensitic Corrosion Resistant Steel Parts, AMS 2769, Heat Treatment of Parts in Vacuum,AMS 2773, Heat Treatment–Cast Nickel Alloy and Cobalt Alloy Parts,AMS 2774, Heat Treatment–Wrought Nickel Alloy and Cobalt Alloy Parts,AMS 2801, Heat Treatment of Titanium Alloy Parts, MIL-B-7883, MIL-H-6875, MIL-H-81200

For the aerospace and medical device industries; sintering and ceramic bright annealing are done using our industrial furnaces feature temperatures to 2800°F, levels to 10-6 Torr, all metal hot zones and cooling. Several brazing techniques are applicable to titanium, stainless steel and carbon steel components where we utilize nickel and low temperature brazing alloys. Our personnel work closely with you to determine your particular requirements for heat treating or sintering your titanium, nickel, ceramic and bright annealing parts.