ATT Newsletter (October 2017)

Specializing in Bright Vacuum Heat Treating & Brazing of Stainless Steel and Exotic Alloys.

YES Training Completed

ATT Silver Anniversary

ATT Silver Anniversary

At the end of September Zach Hight completed YES Training through MTI for Heat Treaters. MTI delivers top experts and content to maximize the people resources in every member company.

The YES Heat Treat Management training program is a 10 month program where MTI Member owners, executives and managers of "all" ages meet for four training sessions. The YES program combines in class learning, experiential exercises, online learning and plant tours to help maximize the participant's abilities in leadership, strategic planning and building high performing teams.

Applied Thermal Technologies takes pride in having a high performing team, top-notch systems management & leadership, and dealing positively with changes in business. Other team members that have completed the YES program are Stevan Bradican, Doug Johnson, Jay Slone, and Matt Wilhite.

October Anniversaries

Stevan Bradican (1 year)
Ralph Fancil (10 years)

Thank you and Happy Anniversary!!

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