ATT Newsletter (July 2017)

In Production!

Our new furnace is up and running! We've gone through AMS2750 uniformity testing and validations and are now in production mode.

With a capacity of up to 10,000 pounds, this new 12’ atmosphere oven can handle processing full length, 12’ (144”) raw bar stock, in air at temperatures up to 1450°F making it perfect for aging of all PH steels like 17-4, 455, 13-8, 15-5, Inco718, and A286, and Titanium (MIL-H-81200).

We are Accepting New Aerospace and Medical Orders and look forward to meeting your heat treatment needs today!

Applied Thermal Products

July Anniversaries

Lija Bradican (23 years)
Alejandra Vega (4 years)
Brittnee Sheneman (2 years)
Brett Fry (1 year)

August Anniversaries

Trent Kessler (10 years)
Jake Walker (4 years)
Byron Kaufman (3 years)
Ryan Hodson (3 years)
Joseph DiRico (3 years)
Adam Craft (1 year)
Jesse Manns (1 year)

Thank you and Happy Anniversary!!

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