ATT Newsletter (February 2017)

New Furnace Coming Soon

Applied Thermal Technologies would like to announce our latest investment in meeting our customer’s needs. We will be adding a new furnace to our shop and now have the capability to age PH steels (17-4, 455, 13-8….) in 12’ lengths. This means that customers will be able to machine parts from material heat treated to meet the required OEM heat treat specifications. This should be available in May and we will keep you updated with the progress. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 

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February Birthdays

Stacey Miller - Feb 9th
Micky Bradican - Feb 10th
Ralph Fancil - Feb 16th

February Anniversaries

Mark Holloway - Feb 7th (10 Years)
Kevin Gates - Feb 25th (4 Years)

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