ATT Newsletter (April 2017)

New Furnace News

Since announcing the addition of our new 12 foot furnace in February we have been working diligently on the installation process. This unit will be specializing in processing of full length, 12’ (144”) raw bar stock, in air at temperatures up to 1450°F making it perfect for aging of all PH steels like 17-4, 455, 13-8, 15-5, Inco718, and A286. With a capacity of up to 10,000 pounds we will be able to meet customers’ needs whether they are aerospace or medical. Our excitement is building, we will be working to have this unit validated and in operation by mid-May.

Heat Treat Furnace

CAUTION! Road Work Ahead

The city has started construction near our facility that may hinder your delivery drivers. This construction is to go on until late October.

Illustrated on the maps are construction locations and a detour route suggestion. Please inform your drivers so that they may visit our facility with ease.

Applied Thermal Construction Zone Map

Applied Thermal Construction Zone Map

April Anniversaries

Rene Harris (6 Years)
Brad Rice (7 Years)
Jonathan Toole (2 Years)

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